November 2008

Samsung SCX-4200 Linux driver hack

Samsung fixed this problem with versions 3.xx of the drivers, so it is strongly recommended that you install one of those versions instead of versions 2.xx. If you do so, you won't need the files in this page, as it will work correctly right away.

The Samsung SCX-4200 is a multifunction device. Versions 2.xx of its Linux drivers have a defect: the user has to run with root permissions to be able to scan. That is very dangerous, so I modified the (binary only) Linux driver to avoid that.

However, if for some reason you need to use versions 2.xx, I have made available the fix for version 2.00.95. I don't use the device anymore, so I cannot prepare fixes for newer versions. Please don't ask me for them.

Coded message

Can you decipher this coded message?

01295 78513 41699 72553 70163 96996 30326 50131 40810 94148
83035 16597 17376 50543 45811 34658 98125 38197 29496 90137
53920 83662 85254 48512 21547 92028 56841 24068 96245 28008