The top 3 reasons to write a "best of" article

“Best of” lists have become very popular in lots of blogs: “the best 10 iPhone applications”, “the 7 most common excuses for tardiness”, “15 things everyone should know about rubber manufacture”. In this post, I analyse the top 3 reasons why those have become so popular.

1. A lot of people still take them at face value.

Many blog writers make a living off advertising revenue, so it's extremely important to attract traffic to boost page views and clicks. Many people don't know that this type of story is very common nowadays, so when they see one they will post a link to it in other sites: usually in their blogs and Twitter, and if you are lucky, it will get to high-traffic sites like Digg or Slashdot. Jackpot!

2. You don't need to actually research them.

The easiest blog posts to write are the ones where you don't actually need to research or document anything. With a “best of”, you don't need to do that. If someone says that you omitted some crucial element, you can just say that it wasn't so important or good to belong in your “best of” list.

3. You can stop at any moment.

For example, if you set out to make a “top 5” but then cannot come up with 5 elements, you can just go and change the title of the story to “top 3”, and nobody will be able to say that it's incomplete!

I hope you enjoyed this article with the top 3 reasons to write a “best of” article.