Outubro 2009


CheepCheep is a Twitter client for Android.

It is not a client for power-users who want to be able to do everything from their phones. The idea is to allow you to read and write tweets and do some simple user management (follow and unfollow users) while you are away from your computer where you can do the rest of the tasks.


  • Supports one Twitter account.
  • Displays 50 tweets in the main screen.
  • Does not display avatar images in tweet lists.
  • Post tweets, reply and ReTweet. Delete your own tweets.
  • Follow links to web page, to Twitter users, and to the original messages in replies.
  • Follow and unfollow Twitter users.
  • Uses OAuth for authentication, so CheepCheep never gets access to your password.
  • No “Settings” screen.

If you think that some of these are limitations, not features, this means that this program was not made for you :)


CheepCheep is in the Android Market; you can get it by searching for CheepCheep in the Market, pressing this link if you are using an Android phone, or simply scanning this QR code:


To download the source code, see below.


Move the mouse pointer over the images to see their descriptions.

Loading CheepCheep for the first time User's home timeline Home timeline menu Writing a new Tweet Tweet context menu, after a long press Browsing links in a Tweet, after a short press User's information and timeline User options menu

Source Code

You can browse the source code on GitHub.

You can also download the following versions of the source code:

To compile CheepCheep, extract the appropriate zip file into a suitable location, open Eclipse, then select “File” > “Import...”, then “Existing Projects into Workspace”, and select the location where you extracted the source code.

If you are compiling CheepCheep for the first time, you'll need to register an application on Twitter and alter the source code so it will use your application's OAuth credentials. Read the README.txt file for more information.

You can download and use CheepCheep under the terms of the Expat licence.

Change Log

2014-04-13 Version 0.97

  • Use HTTPS.

2013-03-17 Version 0.96

  • Also access api.twitter.com for OAuth handshake.
  • Fix URL of follow/unfollow methods.

2012-10-16 Version 0.95

  • Fix CheepCheep to access api.twitter.com instead of twitter.com
  • Add positional markers in string resources.

2010-07-31 Version 0.94

  • Allow multi-line in New Tweet input box.
  • Allow to install the application on the SD card in Android 2.2.

2010-03-18 Version 0.931

  • Revert tabbing of user view, as there's a bug that hits me with Android 2.1 (possibly 2.0 too).

2010-03-18 Version 0.93

  • Increase number of tweets shown to 50 in homeline, 40 in user view.
  • Separate user profile and user's tweets into tabs in the user view.

2010-01-25 Version 0.92

  • Get link to original message in retweeted responses.
  • Fixed invalid OAuth signatures when posting updates with non-ASCII chars.

2009-12-15 Version 0.91

  • Parse server-side retweets.
  • Now works in non-English locales (specify US locale when parsing dates).

2009-12-12 Version 0.9

  • Initial release.

Orgullo ciudadano

Como sabéis, llevo algo más de dos años residiendo en Irlanda. Por eso, aunque no sea ciudadano irlandés, me llena de orgullo la noticia de que an Garda Síochána, el cuerpo de Policía de la República de Irlanda, ha ganado un premio.

En efecto, an Garda ha ganado el premio Ig Nobel 2009 de Literatura. Su obra: emitir decenas de multas por todo el territorio de la República al más persistente infractor, un ciudadano polaco llamado Prawo Jazdy. Cuyo nombre, casualmente, significa “Permiso de Conducción”.

¡Enhorabuena a los premiados, y buen trabajo!