Back up

Here I am again!

I have changed my web site software once again. Now this website is multilingual. Some of the work I had to do for the “multilingualism” consists in translating the user interface. That is the texts I didn't write but which came with the program instead. As I use Drupal, the work consists, mainly, in exporting a .PO file, editing it with kbabel, and then importing it back.

An interesting fact: did you know that the Drupal translation import/export function was first implemented by me?

It was 2003 (I think), and at work we were going to make a website for a customer using Drupal. One of the conditions was that the site had to be in Spanish. Drupal already had support for translating the interface, but I had to do the translations on the web, which was slow and uncomfortable. Moreover, it was not possible to share translations in any way other than performing a database dump and restoring it in other machine.

As I had already been translating free software into Galician, I was already familiar with the Gettext format and toolkit, so I wrote a module to export and import translations in Gettext format, I submitted it to Drupal, they published it, other people improved it, and they finally integrated the functionality in the Drupal core.

So, every time you download a Drupal translation and import it, remember that this functionality was first introduced by me :)