Damn spammers

Some people don't rest until they ruin everything.

Today, spammers have posted some 30 comments in my blog full of links to Viagra stuff. Of course, I removed them as soon as I could, but several of those comments were visible for a couple of hours.

Obviously, I don't want any spam in my weblog, but I don't want to remove the possibility to post comments either. Many people would install a “captcha” (one of these images with distorted characters you have to write in a text box to post a comment), but I hate them because they are hard to read for a human (and impossible for someone who cannot see well or at all) and easy to circumvent for a spammer.

Instead, I have installed a system called “hashcash”. Basically, it consists of having the browser perform some calculations before submitting the comment. This, in theory, slows down the rate spammers can send their material (as the calculations take a bit of time to perform) and ensures that it's an an actual browser that sends the comment, not a spam program. The problem is that it uses Javascript and, therefore, whoever doesn't use Javascript won't be able to post comments.

I'm very sorry, but that's life. I know that this is not the final solution to the spam problem (the reasons are so many and so varied, if I started writing them I wouldn't finish today), but it is the best I have right now. Obviously, if someone over here refuses to use Javascript and wants to complain, just post a comment ;)