Humble superpowers

A couple of weeks ago I started doing press-ups. Now I've gone from I-can-barely-do-five to I-can-mostly-do-ten, which is actually a lot of progress.

I feel like I've acquired a superpower. When Clark Kent walks around Metropolis, he thinks “if a supervillain came, I would be able to jump that building”. When I walk around the office, I think “if a drill sergeant came, I would be able to drop and give him twenty”.

Some superpowers are humbler than others.


But then again...

Some superpowers are far more commonly used.

I know you won't find a drill sergeant every day around the corner at the office — And if you did, I hope it is because he is a customer, so he won't punish you by requiring arbitrary amounts of push-ups…

Anyway, the probability of finding a drill sergeant is still way way way higher than the probability of meeting an arch-villain that would require jumping magnitudes of order your height.