Samsung SCX-4200 Linux driver hack

Samsung fixed this problem with versions 3.xx of the drivers, so it is strongly recommended that you install one of those versions instead of versions 2.xx. If you do so, you won't need the files in this page, as it will work correctly right away.

The Samsung SCX-4200 is a multifunction device. Versions 2.xx of its Linux drivers have a defect: the user has to run with root permissions to be able to scan. That is very dangerous, so I modified the (binary only) Linux driver to avoid that.

However, if for some reason you need to use versions 2.xx, I have made available the fix for version 2.00.95. I don't use the device anymore, so I cannot prepare fixes for newer versions. Please don't ask me for them.


You should be very careful when using software you got from a stranger on the Internet, just like this one. I have included enough information in the tar.gz file for knowledgeable people to verify what I did. I have been careful to not break anything, but I do not guarantee anything. Neither does Samsung. Use this at your own risk. If something breaks, you get to keep both pieces.

I wrote this at home, on my own time, in my own computer, so any opinions expressed here are mine alone, and not my employer's.


Once again, versions 3.xx haven't got the problems this page fixes, so I strongly recommend that you go to Samsung's web page and download the Unified Driver version 3.xx instead of trying to patch your version 2.xx driver.


Use the download links at the bottom of the page to download the file with the fix and the file with its GPG signature.

How to use

  1. Download the file with the fix.
  2. Optional: verify the integrity of the file using the GPG signature or the following MD5 sum: 7dfda8af0868629554c81f20a5f611fd
  3. Open a terminal window and run these commands:
    $ tar xfz fix-nopar-scx4200-2.00.95-2008112701.tar.gz
    $ cd fix-nopar
    $ ./
  4. If you saw a message saying that the driver could not be found, do not try installing the fix.
  5. If you see a message like this instead:
    The XX-bit library has been found at /some/dir
    You may replace it with the one in the "arch" directory
    run some commands like the following, replacing /some/dir and arch with the correct values:
    $ sudo cp /some/dir/ /some/dir/
    $ sudo cp arch/ /some/dir
    $ sudo adduser $USER lp
  6. Log out then back in. Try your scanner.

Parting words

If it does not work, I cannot help you. Use your favourite search engine or ask in your favourite forums.

If you know about x86 assembler and would like to prepare a fix for a newer version, all the information you need is inside the tar.gz file. If you upload your fix, I can link to it from here.

File with the fix51.27 KB
GPG signature for the file with the fix189 bytes