Jacobo Tarrío

Welcome to my personal webpage! It contains articles and stories I've written since 1998 about Fidonet, Linux, programming, radio, and about all kinds of other cool and interesting things I learned.

The latest story I've published is “Project Spite.” You can also see the table of contents.

I am a software engineer, originally from Santiago de Compostela, Spain, and now living near New York City with my wife and our dog.

I publish a weekly newsletter about software engineering, called “Coding Sheet”. It is an English version of my Galician language newsletter, “A Folla”.

I'm currently writing a Pascal compiler in Pascal, called Pascual. I'm also the author of a 100% JavaScript RTL-SDR demodulator, Radio Receiver, and of what once was the smallest useful Twitter client for Android, CheepCheep.

I am quite active in amateur radio, with the callsign KK6RKA (EA1ITI when operating outside of the US.) My main interests are shortwave (20 and 40m mainly), software-defined radio (SDR), and exchanging QSL cards. Feel free to email me to schedule a contact!

You can email me to my name at my surname dot org.

If you are interested in contacting me for professional matters, you may visit my LinkedIn profile.

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