My hobby
By Jacobo Tarrío
May 1, 2010

A comic strip with two panels. The first panel has a caption on top: “My hobby: going to cafes where Apple employees hang out and eavesdrop visibly…” In the first panel a person is sitting at a cafe table, leaning towards other two people; one of them is whispering: “Don’t turn around, but that guy is listening.” The second panel shows what’s happening behind the person who is whispering: they have a bag hanging from the back of their chair, while a fourth person is crawling and grabbing something from it. Under the panel, the caption: “… while my partner steals their iPhones.” A note says: “By Jacobo Tarrío, with apologies to Randall Munroe (xkcd)”

A little homage to Randall Munroe (xkcd). And double apologies if I spoilt next Monday’s joke :)

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