Jacobo Tarrío announces the availability of a press release
By Jacobo Tarrío
November 5, 2009

DUBLIN, Ireland — November 5th 2009 — Jacobo Tarrío, a leading Galician software engineer residing in Dublin, today announced in his website the general availability of a press release.

“This press release is a milestone in my quest to write content other people will read,” said Jacobo Tarrío. “Thanks to it, tens and even dozens of persons will know that I published a press release.”

The idea for the press release was born when Jacobo Tarrío read a press release from Apple and noticed that all press releases followed the same scheme. After many seconds spent in research and development, and investments in IT totalling almost one cent, a new press release was born.

“I am glad that this press release went out,” said Jacobo. “Now I can sleep happy knowing that it is out there, possibly being read by someone other than me.”

About Jacobo Tarrío:

Jacobo Tarrío is the leading member of the community of Galician software engineers who live in Dublin near a rail track. He revolutionized the world of press releases when he published in his website a press release about his publishing a press release. Jacobo also makes revolutionary humorous videos when he is not writing revolutionary press releases.

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