Taxis in Dublin and in New York City
By Jacobo Tarrío
August 20, 2009

When I first arrived to Dublin, I was told that there were more taxis in Dublin than yellow cabs in New York city. Of course, I didn’t believe that, so I asked for clarification: “per capita, or in absolute terms?” “In absolute terms” was the response. I didn’t really believe that, but let the matter rest.

Until yesterday, that is. In conversation, the taxi subject came somehow and I finally decided to investigate the matter. I decided to count only licences for vehicles of the type commonly called “taxi” or “yellow cab”; this excludes hackneys, limos and so on.

So, for the conclusions: Co. Dublin has roughly 12,000 taxis for roughly 1,200,000 people. That’s 100 persons to a taxi. New York City, however, has roughly 13,000 taxis for roughly 8,400,000 people. That’s 646 persons to a taxi. Therefore, Dublin has fewer taxis than New York City in absolute terms, but way more per capita. Had my friend said “per capita”, he would have been right.

Este artículo ha sido traducido al español: “Taxis en Dublín y en Nueva York”.
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