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July 4, 2022
An unfinished —or, rather, barely started— HTML5 remake of Second Reality by Future Crew.
About “programming”, “demoscene”.


July 6, 2021
Avoid bugs and get a cleaner code by making a better use of your programming language's type system.
About “programming”.


May 2, 2020
That time I thought I would be involved in an international diplomatic incident.
About “programming”, “bugs”, “i18n”.


September 9, 2009
About “Web personal (2008-2015)”, “Windows”, “programming”, “Twitter”.
September 7, 2009
About “Web personal (2008-2015)”, “Windows”, “programming”.
September 4, 2009
My observations twenty days after switching to Windows.
About “Web personal (2008-2015)”, “Linux”, “Windows”, “programming”, “Twitter”.
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